We run theatre workshops for refugee and asylum-seeking women in London.

Routes is a social enterprise, supporting women from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds to break the cycle of poor English, low confidence and social isolation.

How we do it

We run workshops that use theatre and play to help women to improve their English, grow in confidence and build valuable social connections. Workshops run alongside a mentoring programme.

Why we do it

Women face significantly more barriers to English language support than men, and poor English leads to poor mental health far more strongly in women than in men. We create supportive, nurturing and fun learning environments, where participants can learn whilst developing meaningful connections. 


We use theatre to create a supportive, fun and active language learning experience.



Routes workshops focus on the real language our students need in the real world. We create and rehearse scenarios from everyday life, using language just as it would be used outside of the classroom. Our teaching is inspired by creative ESOL, where there is no set curriculum and students are in control of the language they learn.  



Routes workshops are designed to encourage students to take risks and try out new words, expressions and conversations. We create a truly supportive environment, where students feel comfortable making mistakes.


Routes classes are collaborative, and students are expected to support one another though the learning process. Whether attending a 10-week course or a one-off session, you'll be part of an encouraging group of women, who all share the challenging experience of being in a new country and learning a new language.