Mentoring with Routes

We pair women in the first 15 years of their careers with women from refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds, for a 3 month long training and mentoring programme.

As a mentor, you will help your mentee define a set of personal or professional goals, which you will support them to meet by the end of your time together.

Developing purposeful leaders

As a mentors, you will be trained in communication, management and leadershipmentoring and coaching. We promote leadership that has three things at its core: joy, welcome and patience.

All our mentors leave the programme with a unique leadership experience, greater self-confidence and meaningful new relationships both with their mentee and with their cohort of fellow mentors.

We charge every mentor a fee, to be paid by their employer. Routes is a social enterprise, so as well as covering mentor training costs, this fee allows us to provide each mentee with free confidence building English language classes.

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Only 24% of senior positions worldwide are held by women

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Becoming a mentor is a tried and tested way to help individuals realise their potential


40% of millennial employees plan to leave their job within the next two years

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Volunteering is proven to make people feel happier and more fulfilled


Want to be a mentor?

Applications for our Spring 2019 programme will open at the start of December.

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Our mentees

Every mentor is paired with a woman from a refugee or asylum-seeking background. During the programme, mentees attend two hours a week of confidence-building English classes on top of their mentoring sessions.

Their mentor will help them to identify and work towards a set of personal and/or professional goals, broadening their networks and improving their wellbeing by opening up new opportunities and providing an opportunity for them to practise English.