N-, Autumn 2018

“I consider myself very blessed and lucky to take part in the drama workshops delivered by Routes. I managed to acquire more self-confidence, more tools for better communication.

I feel more connected to myself and others. The workshop sessions are a joy and pure fun where I forget about all my stress and problems and get fused in a blissful happiness.

I also make sure every time to take notes of the activities we do to practice them at home with my children who also enjoyed them.”

F-, Autumn 2018

“Wow! I really enjoy this workshop. It's very inspiring and each week we do fun activities with others. It's has help me to get more engaged to work-together as team with others. [It] has been very positive and inspiring.”

T-, Spring 2018

“You come into this room with a problem in your heart and now there is love. You share the love. This group it renews your mind, it makes you happy…”

A-, Winter 2017

“Is fantastic to learn English through the theatre because it is very interactive and practical. I think it is a very good way to teach English and a very funny way to learn.”

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