Mentoring with meaning for women in business

We pair women in the first 10 years of their careers with women from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds, for a 10-week training and mentoring programme. As a mentor, you will help your mentee define a set of personal and/or professional goals, which you will support them to meet by the end of your 10 weeks together.

Mentors receive communication skills coaching, and mentoring training before becoming a mentor. Our programme is specifically designed to benefit both the mentors and the mentees. Mentors will leave with improved management and leadership skills, increased self-confidence, and meaningful new relationships. 


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We ask for a £300 contribution from every mentor who participates, which we expect to be paid for by your employer, as part of your personal development or training budget. 

We are a social enterprise. This fee allows us to provide refugee women with 10 weeks of confidence building English language classes


We grow future leaders, who become champions for inclusion in the workplace

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